Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rogers HTC Magic running Gingerbread

Android 2.3 aka. Gingerbread has technically been out for over two months now but hasn't really trickled down to other devices just yet. But thanks to the great Android communities out there such as the people in cyanogen's team and the great people at XDA, Gingerbread has made its way to devices other than the Nexus S.

We will take a look at a specific port that brings Gingerbread goodness to a particular Android device, the always venerable Rogers HTC Magic.

Now as a warning I must say off the bat, anything you read past this point and anything you do as a result of that is your responsibility and Android Bugle will not be held accountable for bricked devices and/or the frustrations of putting a custom ROM on your phone.

Be aware that performing procedures described in the links to XDA Forums will void your warranty, you have been warned.

Anyways that aside, thanks to the great people at XDA (more specifically giant_rider, Feeyo, carz12 and dsixda) anyone with a rooted HTC Magic can get the latest and greatest Android build running on their phone.

Check out the post here at XDA for the instructions on how to get up and running with Gingerbread.

Personally, the one thing that really was preventing me from flashing a custom Gingerbread (or even Froyo) ROMs over regular rooted HTC Magic Android 2.1 + Sense UI ROM is that I did not want to lose functionality or my camera and I didn't want to have to downgrade my radio to 3.22.

When I saw the thread was updated with *working cam* on XDA I flashed the GBRider_Cronos_v2 ROM immediately.

Also worth noting from the video, I did have some trouble with the camera at first, it was really laggy. But for some reason it has cleared up and is quite responsive.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions about Gingerbread on the Rogers HTC Magic.

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  1. Now hoping that it'll eventually come out for real. Especially on the nexus one, but I heard it might have something to do with a compatibility problem... If that's the case, its crazy to think that custom roms find ways around it.