Thursday, December 26, 2013

HTC posts detailed infographics on Android update process

Updates have always been a sticking point among Android enthusiast dealing with carrier subsidized devices. This has lead many to exclusively pledge their hard earned money to Nexus devices. While there has been middle ground devices like the Google Play Edition devices put out to appease the hardcore Android fans, carrier devices are at the whims of conditions outside the controls of OEMs like HTC.

So with that, HTC put out an infographic that details the update process for their phones. They've also launched a page detailing the status of the updates on various carriers. For now it's limited to US carriers but @moversi from HTC has confirmed that Canadian carrier will be added to the listing for full transparency in North America.

Great to see an OEM be more transparent as to how the update is coming along for their flagship on different carriers. The process is quite long for updates to happen but we have seen an appreciable increase in speed with which updates have been pushed out on most OEMs. Check out the infographic after the break.

Source: HTC

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