Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Trident Aegis Case for HTC One Review

While smartphones have gotten more and more advanced over the years, one aspect hasn't improved significantly in mainstream devices and that is in their durability. The advent of large capacitive touchscreens has dramatically changed the form factor of phones as we know it today. This is lead to explosive growth in protective cases. For some people who are a bit clumsier with their phones, top notch protection is a must. Today in our review of the Trident Aegis for HTC One, we see if it can provide that kind of protection.

Materials, fit and finish
The Trident Aegis is made of a hard plastic outer shell while the inside is a rubbery insert that molds to contours of the HTC One. The outer shell felt pretty sturdy and would in all likelihood be able to withstand the expected abuse from perspective buyers while the rubber insert wasn't overly stiff making installation of the device fairly easy and allowed for volume rocker access to be natural.

Overall the finish of the Trident Aegis is excellent. It was clearly tailor made for the HTC One and it really shows when using the cutouts for the 3.5mm headphone jack and microUSB port as well as when examining the cutouts for the power button and the camera. One aspect that really stood out to us was the openings for the microphone. Instead of being simple holes that can let dust in and block the microphone Trident puts very fine meshes to stop dust which we found to be quite a nice feature.

When it comes to ergonomics, the Trident Aegis does add a significant amount of bulk to the relatively thick HTC One. But we don't feel like the bulk hurts ergonomics that bad and considering the tradeoff for protection we think it can be worth it to a lot of people.

The type of protective case that the Trident Aegis fall under has got to be one of the most popular segments in the case market as people realize how indispensable and costly smartphones have become. So protection is of the utmost importance with double layer hard cases of this kind and the Trident Aegis does not disappoint. As mentioned earlier its dual layer of protection with the hard plastic shell and soft rubbery insert, provides a great amount of protection to the overall body of the phone.

The screen also happens to get two "layers" of protection. On one hand the Trident Aegis comes with a screen protector for those times where your phone can be exposed to things like keys and other sharp metal objects, and the for the times you might drop your phone the glass becomes slightly raised as there is a lip to the edge of the case allowing for a high level of protection for what is arguably the most important and relatively fragile part of any modern smartphone.

Final thoughts and Pricing
In conclusion, our time with the Trident Aegis case for the HTC One was tremendously positive. We have no issue whatsoever with recommending this case to HTC One users looking to protect their investment. Our specific review case was supplied from MobileFun and is available to Canadians for a very reasonable $27.99 (before S&H). Considering the Commuter Series from the more widely known Otterbox is $10 more expensive with comparable quality and materials we find the Trident Aegis a great value.

Special thanks to our friends at MobileFun for giving us the opportunity to check out this great case. Check out http://ca.mobilefun.com to see their selection of smartphone accessories including other HTC One cases.

Trident Aegis - Black

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