Thursday, May 30, 2013

Zenus Masstige Woodlot Case for Samsung Galaxy S III Review

We spend a lot of money on our smartphone, be it the wireless plans we choose to pair our phones to as well as the various accessories such as cases and screen protectors. Accessories have come a long way since the dawn of cellular phone. We remember a time when switching out the faceplate of your Nokia was a big deal. Today we have our first ever accessory review at AndroidBugle and we are the Zenus Masstige Woodlot Case for the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Materials, Fit and Finish
The Zenus Masstige Woodlot Case is a wallet style case designed to give all around protection to your phone against drops, and bumps while providing additional storage capabilities. The Masstige Woodlot is made of synthetic leather on the outside and flip portion of the case while the interior is lined with soft suede like material.

Overall we do like the feel and finish of the Masstige Woodlot as the synthetic leather is bound together with some good quality stitching and adds a bit of a "luxury" look with the metallic "Z" accent. It is very form fitting to the Galaxy S III. Speaking of fit, we found all the expected ports and buttons to be easily accessible and cutout fit perfectly to specific ports. On the flip portion there is a cutout for the earpiece allowing users to close the case and hold the phone normally during calls.

As far as ergonomics and size is concerned, the Galaxy S III is in itself a slim phone, but with the case, as expected the phone expands on every axis. In reality though, the usability was for the most part unaffected.

When closed the Galaxy S III will be just about fully protected from impacts from any angles. When open the screen is of course exposed and there is no elevation from the clips holding the phone to elevate the screen from a flat surface. Overall, if you're looking for peace of mind with some added utility we are very happy with what the case can offer.

As mentioned earlier the Masstige Woodlot has an earpiece cutout to allow use even with the case closed. The case also comes with a few tricks up its sleeves that other "Diary Style" cases might not have. For one there is a grommet which allows for users to attach lanyards and other phone related trinkets. The other main attraction is the inclusion of three slots for various cards, be it credit/debit/ID/etc. We found that there was sufficient space in the slots for two cards each. Lastly there is a compartment behind the card slots that can hold miscellaneous items like cash and bills.

Final thoughts and Pricing
Overall, we feel that we can confidently recommend the Zenus Masstige Woodlot Case for Samsung Galaxy S III users. The combination of protection and utility makes it a good buy. Our specific review case was supplied from MobileFun and is available to Canadians for $25.99 (before S&H). While this is a bit higher than some low end cases it is right about par with the most midrange priced cases.

Special thanks to our friends at MobileFun for giving us the opportunity to check out this great case.

Zenus Masstige Woodlot

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