Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fido will launch the Samsung Galaxy S III December 18th

Contrary to reports from MobileSyup, a source has revealed to us that the Samsung Galaxy S III will be launched on Tuesday December 18th. While Fido is the "budget" brand for the larger Rogers, there are still a lot of people who stick with the carrier and have been clamoring for more high end devices. The Galaxy S III will be a well welcomed addition to Fido's lineup.

Speaking of existing customers, according documents leaked to MobileSyrup, the Galaxy S III will be $550 outright and an EXORBITANTLY high $400 on 2 year contracts as well as NEW 3 year contracts. Only existing customers will be able to upgrade for $100. This seems like a move to prevent cannibalizing customers from Rogers and simply retain customers tempted to leave to other budget carriers like Koodo or Virgin.

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