Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Android 2.2 hitting Dell Streak

Dell has announced that Android 2.2 - Froyo update is ready for the AT&T and Rogers Dell Streak. The update will bring several improvements to the phone over the old Android 1.6 firmware.  This update will be rolled out as over-the-air update.

Here is a short list of improvements that Dell says you get with this update:
  • Flash support: Sure, down the road, HTML 5 will play a heavier role in mobile browsing, but the fact is that many sites on the web still use Flash.
  • Twitter: Simply put, the recently-updated version 2.0 of the native Twitter client rocks.
  • Skype: Video calling may not be an option yet, but if you use the app on your desktop or notebook it's a no-brainer to use it on Android. Plus, it's a useful option for cost-effective global calls.  
  • All kinds of browser options: Dolphin HD is great if you like to browse with several tabs open. Skyfire 3.2 is a great option if you like to share a lot of content. Mozilla's Firefox for Android which is in beta now also look to be a promising option. Most of these higher-end browser options require Android 2.0 or later.
The update was much later than it probably should have been but I'll give Dell the benefit of the doubt for being somewhat green in the smartphone world.

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