Wednesday, February 19, 2014

HTC's next flagship to be unveiled March 25th and gets new leaked images

We must be close to a release as HTC flagship leaks have been a torrent recently, and early this morning we got the most significant leak yet. Renown leaker Evan Blass aka. evleaks has released the most convincingly real renders we've seen to date.

The renders confirm many of the rumors including, HTC's adoption of on-screen buttons, dual sensor camera, and similar build to the current flagship HTC One. One interesting thing about the render is that the slot for the micro/nano SIM looks like it's much wider than needed giving us the feeling it might also have a slot for a MicroSD card. Evan also says that the phone will be called the "All New HTC One" and will come in grey, silver and gold.

All this speculation well come to an end on March 25th, as HTC has sent out invites to members of the press for the HTC event held in New York and London. Till then we'll probably keep seeing leeks like these.
Source: @evleaks, HTC UK Twitter


  1. BinaryOneXero GamingFebruary 22, 2014 at 5:43 PM

    Dunno but this just looks a little fake or just draft make. I can't see them making the device fatter and uglier. HTC are good and they seem to be better looking these days. Unlike their old phones the newer HTC phones looked sexy. But this looks like a phone that needs a diet and to lose some of those ugly curves. If my Mrs looked like this then I would run a mile xD

  2. evleaks is pretty spot on with his image renders. I figure these might be early mockups. We'll probably see more polished ones in March.

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