Saturday, February 15, 2014

HTC commits to 2 years of upgrades for flagship handsets moving forward

Yesterday, HTC held an "Ask Me Anything" session on the /r/Android section of reddit. We have to commend them for arranging the AMA as the Android subreddit hasn't been the kindest to HTC in the past few months.

Nevertheless some interesting tidbits did come out of the AMA, HTC has been looking at adding full RGB Notification LEDs, they are "exploring" ways of upgrading the AT&T HTC One X to Android 4.4 (no word on the Canadian version and probably most interestingly, HTC is now committed to keeping devices up to date for 2 years after release for flagship devices moving forward. 

While this is a nice show of faith, we will only know how this promise will be kept two years from now and more importantly what happens to the 2013 HTC One and "mid range" devices like the HTC One Mini and HTC Desire series.

HTC also reiterated that the AT&T One Mini should be getting Android 4.4 in April. Which is later than what Rogers is indicating on the their OS upgrade page

You can check out all of the Questions and answers here.
Source: Reddit 

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