Thursday, November 7, 2013

Moto G unveiling event to be live streamed on Google+

We've once again been contacted by our friends at Motorola about the Moto G, but this time it was to let us know that the Moto G is going to be unveiled on a live stream via Google+ the unveiling will be happening in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The event will air at 9AM Eastern Time and we will be covering the event as things unfold.

The specs of the Moto G are still a mystery but it's expected that the Moto G will be an "entry/midrange" version of the current flagship Moto X.

In terms of Canadian availability, given that our contacts at Motorola have been sending us this info, we fully expect the Moto G to be made available to Canadians. Whether it remains an exclusive like the Moto X is to Rogers and Fido remains to be seen.

If you're free on the 13th at 9AM and want to check out what the Moto G is about, add the Google+ event to your calendar.

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