Friday, October 19, 2012

No JB Update for Xperia Devices until 2013

Sony announced this week which devices of their Xperia line would be receiving the Jelly Bean update, which includes most of the 2012 Xperia line, but also detailed how that update would not roll out until next year and given Sony's track record with keeping up, I wouldn't hold my breath. Excluded from the list was the entire 2011 line (tough luck to all Arc, Arc S users), as well as the Xperia U, Miro and Tipo, Sony's lower end models from this year.

Many of the devices from this years lineup only recently received the Ice Cream Sandwich update, so while Sony still seems to be playing catch-up, I'm sure most Sony users are excited just to finally hear some word regarding Google's latest update to the Android OS.

Source: The Verge, Sony Mobile

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