Wednesday, May 23, 2012

HTC posts upgrade schedule for its 2011 lineup

HTC has taken a really nice step into being more transparent with it's upgrade schedule by publishing upgrade dates for many of their devices. Most notably the HTC Desire HD has been added to the upgrade list. What we do have to remember though is that this upgrade schedule is subject to carrier testing and approval so date might not match up exactly for Canadian devices. Check out the list after the break.

HTC Amaze 4GMay-June
HTC Desire SJune-July
HTC Desire HDJuly-August
HTC EVO 3DJune-July
HTC EVO 4G+May-June
HTC EVO Design 4GJune-July
HTC Incredible SJune-July
HTC SensationMarch-June
HTC Sensation 4GMarch-June
HTC Sensation XEMarch-June
HTC Sensation XLApril-June
HTC RezoundJune-July
HTC RhymeJune-July
HTC ThunderboltJuly-August
HTC Velocity 4GMarch-June
HTC VividMarch-June

The Vivid is the HTC Raider in Canada which has already been updated for the Bell version.

We do find it unfortunate that the Jetstream and Flyer were left out of the upgrade list. We Presume it's because there isn't a Sense port for Tablets and Android 4.0.

Source: HTC

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