Thursday, May 31, 2012

Canadian Samsung Galaxy S III gets official specs and release dates

One of the most anticipated smartphones of the summer has already started hitting shelves in European markets and now has specs and a release date to boot for the Canadian version. The Canadian variant of the Samsung Galaxy S III will, as anticipated, be powered by a Dual Core Snapdragon S4 processor, a whopping 2GB of RAM (over the 1GB of the Euro version), and depending on the carrier either DC-HSPA+ or LTE. For many of the carriers it looks like June 20th will be the day to circle on your calendars. More info after the break.

As we mentioned earlier, theNorth American version of the Galaxy S III would be using the Qualcomm manufactured Snapdragon S4 processor for better compatibility with LTE networks as well as DC-HSPA+. For Rogers, Bell and TELUS customers they will be looking at the SGH-i747 for LTE capabilities while WIND, Mobilicity and Videtron will be getting the SGH-iT999  variant capable of DC-HSPA+.

Both data capabilities should be plenty fast to keepup with the very speedy Snapdragon S4 processor (same processor found in the ultra speedy HTC One X)

One detail worth noting the LTE Variant will be available in 16/32GB versions while the DC-HSPA+ version will only have a 16GB offering.

We eagerly await June 20th and will have a review up of the Galaxy S III as soon as possible.

Source: MobileSyrup

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