Thursday, January 5, 2012

Asus Transformer Prime to recieve Upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich January 12th

Good news to everyone who got a Transformer Prime over the the holidays as the highly anticipated upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich has been confirmed for January the 12th. ASUS has shown with the original Transformer that they are very committed to keeping their devices up to date so we expect this release day to stick. Although, we do believe it will be a staggered roll out so if you don't get the notification right away don't worry too much.

Also included with news of the update is ASUS' acknowledgement of the locked bootloader of the Transformer Prime. According to ASUS they are working on developing an unlocking tool for modder who seek to install third party ROMs, this of course comes at the cost of the warranty and the ability to view DRM protected Content from Google's market.

Source: Android Community

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