Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rogers expands LTE network and unveils device prices

Not to be out done by Bell, as per info leaked by MobileSyrup, Rogers has official flipped the switch on their LTE network in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. With that the coverage maps, some devices and pricing has been confirmed. More after the break.

As you can tell the network coverage in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver is quite substantial. It's hard to say whether these coverage maps are accurate or are exaggerated but regardless it's an impressive undertaking.

Prices for the Samsung Galaxy S II can be seen below. At $199.99 on 3-year term the price fall right in with other Rogers high end device launches. As far as LTE plans, the $62 plan is of similar value to the regular 3G/HSPA+ plans.

The HTC Jetstream, that we broke months ago is finally confirmed to be headed to Rogers, looks like it will be more a bit fairly priced than the (exorbitantly expensive) AT&T version. That being said at $499 on 2 year contract, it's a hard sell against a 3G Apple iPad or a WiFi ASUS Eee Pad Transformer at a hundred dollars cheaper sans-contract. It is worth noting that the Jetstream, despite the price, is actually of the nicest Android Honeycomb Tablets. It will launch October 18th.

Source: Rogers

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