Thursday, August 25, 2011

HTC Puccini to be called the Jetstream, still headed to Rogers?

A while back we speculated that the leaked HTC Puccini, that was slated to head to AT&T in the states would also be headed north of the border. While we still think Rogers is the best candidate as a destination for the Jetstream, Bell and/or TELUS are also possible candidates given their foothold in the AWS spectrum. Check out all the info we have on the Jetstream after the break.

Since the wireless market has been relatively quiet in Canada this summer, it's only safe to assume some carriers are cooking up something big. LTE could very well be announced by Bell and TELUS making them possible destination for the Jetstream as well but as mentioned earlier we still believe that the Jetstream will make it's way to Rogers given the timing of the device and the fact that the AT&T/T-mobile deal is still pending.

That being said, with every passing week we get more and more news and leaks on the Jetstream and it really looks like the Jetstream is shaping up to be a nice tablet being similar to Tegra 2 Based Honeycomb Tablets in form factor but supporting the Scribe technology which debuted on the Flyer.

One must wonder though, with the close proximity to the rumored release date of Ice Cream Sandwich, will people be interested in HTC's Sense UI baked version of Honeycomb?

Here are some pics courtesy of BGR, Engadget and PocketNow;

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