Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer gets maintenance update

ASUS has pushed out an over the air update to the Eee Pad Transformer tablet as well as the dock. It's a maintenance update that includes some really nice features (like Netflix support) as well as fixes some bugs and adds some functionality. For a tablet that many people were afraid would lag behind in updates because of ASUS customizations, the Transformer has shown resiliency and ASUS has gotten updates to the Transformer in a really timely manner. Check out the change log after the break.

  • Build number:
  • Wifi updated: v5.2.58
  • GPS updated: v5.5.8
  • MobileDock version updated: 0213
  • Bluetooth v6.20
  • Android compatibility mode for apps added.
  • Keyboard on/off switch when docked added.
  • Selectable cursor type option added (arrow or circle).
  • Mouse cursor trackpad movement reversed.
  • Device faster to turn on.
  • More MyZine options added, and now re-sizable.
  • Dock typing lag greatly improved.
  • Multiple languages (with regional dialects) added.
  • Compass issue fixed.
  • Netflix now supported out of the box
The update has really addressed a lot of the issues people had with the ASUS Android 3.2 update. We are very happy to see ASUS taking user's feedback to heart and implementing the appropriate updates.

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