Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rogers launches their LTE network in Ottawa

While carriers have taken liberties on what they believe is 4G, progress hasn't stopped on improving network speeds to what the ITU originally had specified as 4G. While LTE still technically wouldn't fall under 4G with the ITU's original specs it sure is a hell of a lot closer than HSPA+.

Rogers has announced that they have flipped the switch on their new LTE network. The first market to get access to this brand spanking new service is Ottawa, with service rolling out to Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal this fall and 21 other markets in 2012.

Also mentioned in their announcement is that they will be hooking up with Samsung and, surprisingly, HTC for their first LTE handsets.

This is purely speculative, but who wants to see a Rogers HTC Thunderbolt or a 4G enabled Galaxy S II or even a Rogers world exclusive? I sure do.

Source: Rogers Redboard

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