Saturday, June 18, 2011

HTC cutting the bloatware to fit the Android 2.3 Gingerbread onto the HTC Desire

Looks like the memory issue involving the HTC Desire getting Gingerbread was true afterall. HTC made yet another announcement via Twitter that the HTC Desire's Gingerbread update will need to be cut of certain software to fit the update. They also go on to say that these apps will be made available via the Android Market.

We really like this move of de-coupling some of the "bloatware" that comes with the Android phones and would certainly like to see it on other phones made by other manufacturers. But I think this will be a rare time where an update will be as pristine as it gets as far as manufacturer supplied updates are concerned.

One must wonder what this means to TELUS HTC Desire owners. Does this mean some TELUS bloatware will be removed? Will this hamper TELUS' willingness to get the upgrade? Personally, I don't think TELUS wants another HTC Hero like situation so I'm willing to bet the upgrade will be approved by TELUS.

What is also quite saddening about this announcement is that you can bet that this will be the Desire's last update as it probably doesn't have the internal memory to handle Ice Cream Sandwich. But this leaves one burning question, does that mean that the beloved Nexus One has seen it's last update in Gingerbread?

We will just have to wait and see.

Via: HTC Source
Source: HTC Official Facebook

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