Monday, May 30, 2011

Flash 10.3 Performance Test

As we all know Flash on mobile devices has been a hot button topic amongst enthusiasts of various platforms. Some still believing in the utility of the multimedia platform, while others can't wait for it to simply go away. For people who do still see the utility in Flash, I've cooked up a video for you guys showing that not all Android phones handle Flash the same way. In fact, the result will probably surprise you. Check out the video after the break.

Not too long ago Qualcomm put out a video talking about their MDP (Mobile Development Platform) and how it blew away a competing platform's dual-core (Nvidia's Dual-Core Tegra 2) offering in HD Flash performance. I really doubted the video myself until I ran tests of my own and honestly the results are unbelievable.

Clearly, HTC worked with Qualcomm to really make HD content on their phones run much better than any other platform.

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