Friday, March 11, 2011

NVIDIA Tegra 2 devices to get Playstation Certification

NVIDIA has announced via their Tegra Zone app that Sony will be bringing Playstation games to Tegra equipped Android smartphones and tablets.

This is by all accounts a great match as NVIDIA has shown that its experience, with gaming hardware, in the the PC world has translated to success in the smartphone market and Sony, a leader in the gaming market, made a huge splash with its announcement of the Playstation Suite.

As a pretty avid gamer myself, I'm glad to see that the entire Playstation One library of games will eventually hit Tegra 2 equipped Android devices. This is a huge boost to Android as its current gaming offering isn't bad but is still behind iOS.

With NVIDIA making a serious push to power more Android devices, it's also good to see that this partnership could potential add stability for game developers worried about profitability of their games on the Android platform.

In a somewhat interesting twist Engadget, believes that PS2 games will also be made available to Tegra 2 devices but cannot confirm the rumor.

Via: Android and Me,, Engadget
Source: Nvidia Tegra Zone App

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