Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nexus S to also hit Fido and Koodo

The Samsung Google Nexus S looks like it's headed to even more carriers in Canada as MobileSyrup is reporting it will be available to purchase for use on Fido and Koodo. Of course, it's entirely plausible that some people would have gotten a Nexus S out right and brought them to be used on either Fido or Koodo as they run on the HSPA+ networks of their parent companies Rogers and TELUS.

But more choice never hurts, and in this case Canadians now can obtain a Nexus S on a Tab contract with Koodo or with their saved up Fido Dollars on Fido. Both being more budget friendly ways of purchasing an outstanding device.

Let's also be honest, no offence to the Acer Liquid E on Fido and the LG Optimus One on TELUS but the Nexus S easily outclasses them and is a GREAT addition to both carriers and is the first high end Android offering on either sub-carrier.

Source: MobileSyrup

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